Work Package 3

WP3 - Enhanced characterisation through predictive tools

The aim of this WP is to develop new testing methods and models for predictive activities of material and tyre behaviour. Targets will be mainly the understanding of phenomena at multi scale and development of related predictive experimental and virtual analysis tools for tyre deflection, rolling resistance, fracture-fatigue and wear behaviour.
The experimental methodologies include a rolling tire deformation sensor, a biaxial servo-hydraulic test system, a uniaxial fatigue tester and a novel tribometer for wear studies. The specific objectives are:

  • Definition of appropriate conditions for fatigue characterization of bulk materials with respect to a critical bulk material fracture
  • Development of a testing method for interfacial fatigue crack propagation in dual compound co-cured assemblies
  • Characterization of interplay between patterned surfaces and wear patterns.
  • Definition of the most representative range of wear parameters corresponding to different wear situations:
    steer, drive, trailer tyres, by comparison with data in real conditions.
  • Correlation of wear performance to intrinsic material properties.
  • Design and manufacture required components and developing effective calibration and data analysis tools for reproducible measurements. 
  • Identification of sources of rolling resistance from laser sensor measurements.
  • Showing improvement of new tyre design with laser sensor measurements.
  • Characterization of vicoelastic compound behaviour in a pulsed mode simulating the actual rolling tyre road contact
  • Testing support and quality of correlation with actual tyre tests in WP1 and WP2

The WP3 will produce 13 deliverables and at least 4 scientific journal articles. The WP results are also used extensively in WP1.